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A view of the Malvern Hills from Guarlford

Malvern Hills District is the fifth lowest crime area in England and some of the credit
for that stems, we believe, from the existence of hundreds of active Neighbourhood Watch Schemes throughout the District.

Neighbourhood Watch Schemes exist to provide a focal point for residents and
those in business in any particular area to reduce the likelihood of their becoming
the victims of crime. By following freely available advice on how to protect yourself and your property you can ensure that thieves are not given an easy ride and by
"active vigilance" i.e. on seeing something "suspicious" doing something about it,
you can contribute to ensuring that the area in which you live or work is more
likely to remain crime free for you, your family and your neighbours. The numbers
of Neighbourhood Watch Schemes in Malvern Hills District are constantly growing. This growth is, we believe, due to the recognition that
"Neighbourhood Watch Works".

The low crime (sadly not "No Crime") accolade has got to be good for everybody
(except the thief) but it is an accolade that has to be earned. If you do not have a Neighbourhoood Watch scheme where you live or work why not start one. Its not
difficult and there are many benefits. You can find out how schemes work by
exploring our site using the buttons on the left of the page. You will also find
out who to contact to get support and assistance both in setting up a scheme
and in running it.

"The Neighbourhood Watch Pledge"
West Mercia Police are fully committed to the benefits of active Neighbourhood Watch Schemes and to demonstrate that support have drawn up a "Neighbourhood Watch Pledge" setting out what they will do and what they hope members of Neighbourhood Watch schemes will do - something like a contract. To see the Pledge please click on the West Mercia Police logo below
Link to Neighbourhood Watch Pledge

Updated on: 6th December, 2015